Explore Ecuador with Nature and Culture

Each year, Nature and Culture International travels to Ecuador. Our North American Office coordinates the trip with our Ecuadorian offices. It gives friends of Nature and Culture an opportunity to see conservation work first hand.

Sample Itinerary


Day One

Arrive in Quito, Ecuador.

Day Two


Walking tour of historic Quito and fly to Loja.

Day Three


Visit Nature and Culture’s San Francisco Science Station, followed by a hike in the cloud forest and swim in the San Francisco River. The afternoon will be spent observing hummingbirds at Copalinga, a beautiful lodge nestled in the cloud forest on the edge of Podocarpus National Park.

Day Four

Depart to visit the Jamboé reserve to see Nature and Culture’s achiote project.

Day Five


Travel to the Nangaritza! A river tour will be given by Shuar guide, Amable Tukupia. We will then visit the Waterfall of the Gods and learn about Shuar traditions.

Day Six


Travel to Maycú Reserve and visit a traditional Shuar garden with Doña Rosa Tiwi. Ambitious hikers can embark on a five-hour hike to the top of a tepui. In the evening, enjoy traditional dancing and storytelling in the Shuar community of Shaime.

Day Seven


Travel to Loja – Travelers wishing to leave at this point can take the afternoon flight to Quito. For those wishing to extend their trip, we will travel to Saraguro for a homestay with Saraguro families.

Day Eight

Visit a traditional weaving workshop and learn about Saraguro rituals, then travel to Cuenca. The afternoon offers several options: a high-elevation hike in the paramount ecosystem of Cajas National Park; ambling around colonial Cuenca; or a visit to the Piedra de Agua spa in nearby Baños.

Day Nine

Travel back to Quito, and fly back to the US.

Check out the full itinerary for Nature and Culture’s 2019 Expedition to Ecuador here.

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“Walking under the canopy of the forest is always a thrill. You are deep in the rainforest, there’s life above you, at your eyelevel, and below you.” – Dennis, Summer 2017

“It has been a privilege to be with these committed people. They have such an understanding of the culture, science, and the environment. It’s just been a wonderful personal experience for us and it has enriched us.” – Adrienne, Summer 2017


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