At Nature and Culture International, we know that enhancing the wellbeing of local people is an integral part of conservation success. We believe all people living close to nature prefer to preserve their ecosystems intact, and that the best way to help them do so is through securing a sustainable livelihood.

Our sustainable development programs exist alongside the conservation management plans for protected areas. We partner with biologists from local universities to determine sustainable methods of harvesting these natural resources, and sell to companies that are committed to best business practices, such as Natura, a large Brazilian cosmetics company that ranks as one of the world’s greenest businesses today.

Palo Santo


We are helping communities obtain a sustainable source of income while protecting the endangered dry forest of southern Ecuador.

Basket weaving


We are helping indigenous women in Peru develop sustainable livelihoods by creating a market for their hand woven baskets.



We are helping communities in the Peruvian Amazon sustainably harvest and sell this super fruit as a means of protecting vast rainforests.