PERU is one of the world’s most diverse countries, with a great concentration of species found nowhere else on Earth. Its ecosystems range from the arid coast across steep Andean mountains into the dense Amazon rainforest, yielding 84 different life zones with countless species of flora and fauna. This enormous variety is further enriched by the great cultural wealth of its indigenous people, who have extensive knowledge of the characteristics and potential uses of the country’s biodiversity.

Many of Peru’s ecosystems are in danger, however. Unsustainable agriculture and timber exploitation along with development of petroleum and mining operations present a serious threat to biodiversity.

Our work supports tremendous local efforts in the field, protecting Peru’s rich biological wealth while helping local communities find and sustain livelihoods based on thriving ecosystems.

Cloud forests
Tropical deciduous forests
Coastal and marine areas

The Asháninka
The Awajun
The Kichwa
The Maijuna
The Shawi

Logging, unsustainable agriculture and fishing, mining, petroleum and industrial pollution.



Peru has one of the highest concentrations of endemic species – species found nowhere else on the planet. Its ecosystems range from arid coastal landscapes to the tropical Amazon rainforest.


They house the majority of Earth’s biodiversity. Unfortunately, more than 100 acres are cleared every minute. Learn more

Buenaventura-Cloud-ForestCloud forests

Many consider them the world’s top conservation priority, as they contain the greatest number of endemic species. Learn more

Tropical deciduous forests

Tropical deciduous forests are home to one of the highest numbers of endemic species in all of the tropics. Learn more

Coastal and marine areas

Mangroves, estuaries and lagoons are significant for their marine diversity and importance for migratory birds. Learn more


We are helping to preserve the rich cultures of Peru while conserving critical ecosystems by working with indigenous groups and partnering with local governments and communities.

Sustainable Development

One of our guiding principles is to improve the economic wellbeing of communities through the sustainable use of nature resources while conserving nature.Learn more

The Indigenous Maijuna

The Maijuna are one of Peru’s most vulnerable ethic groups, numbering fewer than 500 people. The story of their reserve began in 2008 when a Maijuna chief approached us with a request to help protect their ancestral homeland in the Amazon. Learn more

The Indigenous Awajun

In June 2014, nearly 115,000 acres of the indigenous Awajun’s rainforest lands in northern Peru were protected with the help of NCI. Now, sustainable development projects are underway to support their way of life.Learn more