We believe local and indigenous people hold the key to conservation success. Without the buy-in of those who depend on the land for their economic and cultural survival, conservation will not be effective, nor will it last. Latin America’s indigenous cultures have been the guardians of the forest for centuries – now we are empowering them to manage their natural resources for the benefit of the entire world.

We provide extensive technical and legal support to indigenous communities in their quest to protect the ecosystems in which they live, maintain their cultural heritage, and secure viable livelihoods through the sustainable use of natural resources.



We are working with 14 indigenous Shuar communities throughout Ecuador to protect their ancestral homeland and way of life.



We are working with the indigenous Achuar of Morona Santiago in Ecuador to protect 200,000 acres of Amazon rainforest through SocioBosque.



We are working alongside indigenous Sápara communities in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador to protect their land through SocioBosque.



We have worked with the indigenous Awajun of northern Peru for many years to create the Pamau Nain and Tijae Nain Conservation Concessions.

Projects - Shawi Escalera Reserve


We are working with the indigenous Shawi Nation of Peru’s Yurimaguas region to create the 370,000 acre Shawi-Escalera Reserve.

Empowering indigenous groups to protect ecosystems in Latin America


We worked with the indigenous Maijuna of Loreto, Peru to create the 977,600 acre Regional Conservation Area, protecting a large swath of their ancestral territory.