Climate Change

"The planet is asking,
and we are its instrument."
Ivan Gayler, NCI Founder

The solution to climate change is like a puzzle.  All of the pieces are required to solve it.

Nature and Culture International's conservation work is a piece of the climate change puzzle.  Every acre of land conserved stops deforestation and aids our generation’s responsibility to respond to climate change.

How NCI is a crucial piece of the climate puzzle

Our Piece of the Puzzle

Deforestation and Climate

  • Scientific American identifies deforestation as having an “extreme effect on global warming” and concludes that deforestation adds more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than “the total of all the cars and trucks on the world’s roads."
  • Prevent deforestation, and remove the release of CO2 into the atmosphere while simultaneously decreasing atmospheric C02 through forest absorption.
  • In Bolivia, Brazil, and Colombia alone, we could avoid the release of up to 59 megatons of carbon emissions every year. This is equivalent to removing 9 to 12 million passenger vehicles off the road.