The tiny country of Ecuador is an Eden for rare and unusual frog species.

From the Andes mountains to the Amazon rainforest, the lush tropical forests of Ecuador are rife with frogs – some slender, some large, others poisonous. We are lucky enough to spot them on a regular basis with our local conservationists in the field. These fragile creatures are a good indication of whether an ecosystem is healthy, so we smile every time we see one.

Our good friends at Tropical Herping were kind enough to share their photos from a recent expedition in southern Ecuador with NCI staff. Enjoy!

Allobates kingsburyi frog
Allobates kingsburyi, NCI's Maycu Reserve.
Phyllomedusa tarsius, NCI's Maycu Reserve.
Dendropsophus minutus, NCI's Maycu Reserve.
Atelopus, NCI's Maycu Reserve.
Pristimantis versicolor, NCI's San Francisco Scientific Station in Loja.
We achieve concrete conservation results with our experience in-country staff
Phyllomedusa tomopterna, NCI's Maycu Reserve.
Scinax ruber, NCI's Maycu Reserve.
Phyllomedusa vaillanti, NCI's Maycu Reserve.
Excidobates captivus, Nangaritza Valley.
Centrolene condor, Podocarpus National Park.