Helping the Planet

Despite growing awareness and concern over climate change and other threats to life on Earth, an acre of forest still disappears every second of every day. This motivates the urgency of our work – and with your support, there have been significant achievements.

From the large accomplishment of  protecting more than 15 million acres to date to the vital process of hiring Reserve Rangers, your donations allow for all of the necessary work and management that must be done to protect these amazing ecosystems.

All of these conservation achievements and countless more are made possible because of your donations.

Your support has lead to the creation of over 90 protected areas in Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, and Bolivia.

With your support, people like Segundo Valez are provided opportunities to become Reserve Rangers.

Your generosity supports sustainability projects like the Achiote project that reforest the land and provide additional income to local families.

Scientists have found new species of fauna and animals within our reserves, because your support contributes to their ability to do research.

Empowering indigenous groups to protect ecosystems in Latin America

Indigenous communities encourage and promote their cultures through the establishment of Cultural Centers that are made possible from your support.

Species like the Andean Bear are able to roam, protected because of the Reserves you’ve helped make possible.