We are working in 20 of Latin America's most biodiverse regions, with the goal of expanding to 60.


We currently operate 17 local offices in Ecuador, Peru, and Mexico.


We have a 40:1 return on investment of donor dollars. That means for every $1 donated, we create $40 in conservation.


To protect biologically diverse ecosystems in concert with local people in Latin America.

Acres Protected

We believe success is defined by allowing nature to thrive so the people who depend on it can too. It means a forest where the towering trunks of old growth trees remain so that jaguars can still walk the ground at dawn. It means communities where children no longer get sick after a strong rain, because they have protected one of their most precious assets: water.

Since 1996, we have helped save millions of acres of endangered ecosystems, an achievement made possible by an unparalleled efficiency. Our efforts are directed at working with local and in many cases indigenous communities, and with governments from the local to the national level. These comprehensive and bottom-up strategies result in sustainable conservation programs that truly work for the long-term.

In the face of growing threats to the ecosystems that sustain our planet, we have launched an ambitious plan: to triple the number of regions we work in and save 20 million acres by 2020. Learn more about our vision for expansion here.